How to Make Cheap Calls from India to the US


There are many international calling  solutions available in India at the moment. Many of these solutions are too expensive for the local folks to use when trying to call abroad. With the increasing necessity of solutions to call to USA, many market players have stepped in to provide cheap calling solutions in the market. If you want to call US from India at a really cheap price, then check out these easy and cost effective solutions for calling internationally:

  • Calling Cards:

This is one of the most popular ways for making international calls from India to the US. These are prepaid cards, which mean you would have control on the amount you spend and almost any phone can use these calling cards. The rates are lower than postpaid traditional phone services, but some cards have hidden fees. So, beware of those before you purchase a calling card. Other than that, calling cards are cheaper and they provide the advantage of portability and control over the money spent.

  • Postpaid Traditional Phone Services:

These are landline solutions. If you go for regular landline, calling abroad might cost you a fortune. But to increase the user base and compete with the offers by other calling solutions, the landline solutions providers have also started giving out special plans for the purpose of international calls. If quality of call is extremely important for you then this is a good solution. Plus you just need to get a new international calling plan for your landline number, which means no extra infrastructure costs.

  • VoIP:

Setting up your own VoIP or Voiceover Internet Protocol setup is expensive, but many VoIP services offer their cheap plans to users as well. One of the most popular ones is Skype on which the VoIP costs about 9 cents (US) per minute and it also has a small connection fee. The quality depends upon your internet connection as Skype uses internet to transmit your conversations. Many new VoIP services are also emerging with competitive pricing and better service. Therefore, you can go with a good VoIP service and make cheap calls to the US.

  • Free Internet-Based Services:

This is one of the cheapest and most popular ways of calling abroad. There are many applications available, both mobile and desktop, which would allow you to contact your loved ones. With advanced technology, even video calling is possible now. Many tech giants have come out with ad-free solutions, which work on your internet connection and get you seamless quality conversation with your loved ones. The only drawbacks in this type of calling are that the user you are calling should also be registered with the service and the internet connection use should have a good bandwidth. Although companies are trying to reduce bandwidth usage, still a 512KBPS connection is a must for almost all these technologies.

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